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    • The project is fully aligned with the priority of inclusion as its aim is to promote social inclusion and active participation of women identified as targets in education and training. The most powerful tool of social inclusion in society and community is the language. A better understanding of how we learn and how we adjust our emotions through language is very important when we learn a second language.

      The technological tools in use in XRwomen (e.g. Oculus) offer the opportunity to simulate communicative situations and handle emotions through the use of the language. The use of the XR technological tools aims to offer experiences of a totally virtual world (VR), a close experience of reality (AR) and a blended experience of VR and reality (MR). Those tools are going to be used in order to offer training by emerge the user in the specific communicative context and offering the ability to communicate, rephrase, correct and learn through the whole experience.

    • The three specific objectives are directly linked to the project’s priorities and contribute to the areas of inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination, preventing racism and discrimination, reception and integration of refugees and migrants.

      The specific objectives of the project are:

      • Promote language learning for communication through XR tools for inclusion, civic engagement, and participation and support adult educators/language teachers in improving their teaching practices
      • Create upskilling pathways and improve accessibility in education for refugee women and women with fewer opportunities
      • Empower women refugees and women with fewer opportunities through education and the use of innovative technological tools
    • Work package 1 – Project Management: WP1 will consist of the overall management and coordination of the project including the financial management.

      Work package 2 – Toolkit for integrating XR in language learning: This WP will refer to the first general objective of the promotion of language learning to empower refugee women and women with fewer opportunities through XR tools, applications and methodologies.

      Work package 3 – Training Material & online learning space: This work package aims to design and develop innovative quality pedagogical material and resources through modules, to promote language learning in specific communicative situations.

      Work package 4 – Dissemination and Sustainability: This WP refers to the development of specific results and activities that aim to share the project’s deliverables for increased participation, exploitation, and sustained usage.

    • Detailed desk research in each partner country will be conducted to collectively design the XRwomen Methodology. The desk research will emphasize the state-of-the-art in each country regarding the use of XR in language education, teaching methods used and approaches. Furthermore field research techniques will be conducted. 

      A collection of best practices, XR tools & applications from partner countries that will be focusing on the effective use of XR in real language learning environments will also completed during the project.

      In addition lessons plans will be developed and a list of XR tools and applications will be provided. The list will include important information on each tool/application on how practitioners could incorporate them into their teaching.

      Moreover a toolkit will be created that will contain the following sections: 1) XR methodology and framework, 2) Results for desk and field research in each partner country, 3) Best Practices, 4) Lessons plans, 5) XR tools and applications, 6) Specific guidelines for language teachers/researchers/trainers, 7) Conclusions, recommendations and recommendations.